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t r a n c e & d e n t a l m e d i c a t i o n
these are some of my tunes. they aren't really trance
(so what are they, anyway? :) but i like the name so much i
had to use it. they all use the nord modular for tones
and mostly fruityloops for beats, with the odd acid loops thrown
in when i needed inspiration. oh and logic for sequencing and
tracking. and some occasional help from my beloved lexicon mpx1.
some of the nord patches are provided, as i have time to catalog...
ALL i ask is that if you use these patches, or even think they're
cool, is that you let me know... i'm pretty much happy with the simple
joy of making weird sounds, but if i have contributed to some
commercial endeavor i want to be able to brag about it!
any comments on how to make these actual songs instead of
meandering grooves would be deeply appreciated.
actually, now that i am trying to make the associations, i'm not entirely
sure which patches go with which songs, but i'll provide a sampling
anyway. if you'd like more info on a particular song, i'll attempt
to do the research. what can i say, i enter airhead mode when i touch
this red she-diety. one more note: some of these were modified from
others' work -- i do not mean to intentionally abscond with it.
the problem is i forgot where they may have come from; if that
happens to you too, you're forgiven :)
stay tuned, this will continue growing. , sf ca usa

w a y 2 . m p 3 the first, 3.9m patches
l e x i c o n . m p 3 starting to get interesting, 6.7m
h u h . m p 3 crank up that sub, 6.6m
e v i l b a s s 3 . m p 3 got some problems 11m
h i p p y c r a c k . m p 3 now... knobs! 7.7m
d e m o m i x . m p 3 pure evil .8m patches
h o e d o w n . m p 3 don't listen to the bass 6.8m patches
m a r c h 2 7 . m p 3 starring vij on keys, 3.4m
m a r c h 3 0 . m p 3 1.5m
s p i n a c h . m p 3 3m
s p i n a c h 2 . m p 3 i like this one.. 3m patches
a p r 5 . m p 3 the song is slightly more clever than the name.. 2.7m
a p r 7 . m p 3 a little slower, cool shuffle groove, possibly the best.. 4.4m patches
a p r 1 4 . m p 3 first attempt at drum & bass. 3.8m patches
5 - 1 4 . m p 3 after a break, fun with delay 3.3m patches
5 - 2 1 . m p 3 very cool, should be a car commercial! 1m patches
8 - 6 - 3 - m i x . m p 3 cool housey groove
9 - 1 0 . m p 3 fun with sampler and delay

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